Our Story

SANA (saa-naa)  adjective ~ meaning: healthy, sound, curable 

In Latin and French Sana has various definitons, along the lines of healing, cure, and shine. Our mission is to help transform and nurture fated skin. 

Only using plant derived ingredients to create a line of simply formulated, hand made products that treat skin conditions such as scarring, acne, inflammation, pH balance, dark spots and much more. 

We are a small Black-Woman owned business located in Atlanta, Georgia. All of our prodcuts are hand made and specifically formulated by our founder to aid those having difficultly finding a brand that is not only affordable but able to acheive correcting results. Here at SANA we appreciate the time and patience it took to come to our page and check us out. Become apart of SANA family, join our newsletter for product updates, promotions, skincare tips and more. 

We hope you find the product/s that best fit your skin care needs. Thank you !